HBKBV Planters Installed

HBKBV Planter installed

Heckington Best Kept Blooming Village Keeps Going

Dawn Phillips and her team at HBKBV have been busy again making the village of Heckington ready for Heckington in Bloom part of the East Midlands in Bloom competition. The competition will be judged in the first two weeks of July 2022.

HBKBV has been gradually getting sponsors who have helped generate the funds to create some beautiful little pockets around Heckington. Dawn is also a proud gardener and cultivates all the plants HBKBV uses in the planters, hanging baskets and other floral areas.

Dawn found a very generous sponsor for the entrance to Heckington Pavilion and now the planter is installed, we are very excited to see the flowers and plants that will grace it, planted in peat free and garden soil, 50% perennial home-grown.

The planter is sponsored by and for Family and Friends of The Hill-Stanley Arms. Thank you for your generous donation!

For more information on Heckington Best Kept Blooming Village, check out their Facebook Page and contact Dawn Phillips direct to see how you can help Heckington in Bloom for 2022!

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